Thursday, August 21, 2014

Looking good for Sunday

Southerly looks like the order of the day for Sunday.

Still looking at either a southerly around 30kmh or a with very little southerly breeze at all pretty much like the primo conditions that Capital Paddlers had for their SUP event on Sunday.

Our location will either be Days Bay or this very early stage though much will depend on tides and the wind speed.

I'll scroll through the tide charts and see what each area has to offer.

Come down on Sunday and out number the surf skis with heaps of multisport kayaks and waka ama.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weather tracking for CKS Four on Sunday

Weather looking steady as she goes for Sunday with nothing too frenetic on the horizon.

We're looking to get something like a 25 kmh southerly at this stage and by the time Sunday hits it may just be cloudy which means there's a possibility of some sunny spells?

We'll wait and see, it's early day's yet.

I'll post another update on Thursday afternoon then the last update with the final venue on Saturday morning by 9.45 am.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cold Kiwi Series Event FOUR.....this Sunday

It's been three weeks since the last event was held at Hataitai Beach, and like every event we run we like to spread them evenly across the Greater Wellington encourage a few more people to come out of the woodwork to attend each event.

Not being mean or anything but we really need to adopt a culture of travelling across and around Wellington to get a good taste of all the waterways we have on offer.

Get mates together share transport trailers etc to get boats to these events.

Yes I know it's winter in Wellington....and it is cold....and yes it is easier just to paddle in your own patch when you live less than a kilometre to the water. But seriously how can we expect multi paddling events to grow and blend each group when we don't support each other.

Just Personally speaking here...I travel all over the place, leading by example is the ticket...many do the same....others need to join in a little more....from all sports...through away your excuse books....these events are like training or your recreational or fitness fix for the week or month.... or that's my two cents worth.

Anyhow back to Business.

The weather for this Sunday is looking like we'll have a light southerly....which may easily turn to light Northerly if our weather patterns progress through earlier.

So far we've used - Petone by the Motorway - Dolly Vardon Park @ Mana - Hataitai Beach in Evans Bay as our venues.....we'll watch the weather and start plotting some courses for Sunday......remember 8km and 4km options something for everyone.

Everyone who enters....must read the "Cold Kiwi Series" flyer on the top right hand side of this page

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