Saturday, December 20, 2014

Details for tomorrows Downwinder

The forecast is Northerly to NNW 25 kmh to 40 kmh.

We will aim to start the event from Garden Road, Raumati....we will be down there from 7.30 am....the event starts at 9 am.

The course will finish by the boat ramp on Ocean Parade, Pukerua Bay a distance of 14 km.

There will be an exit strategy if anyone's feeling off colour they can finish at Paekakariki opposite the Surf Life Saving Club...the distance is 6.5 km.

Both courses you can paddle them around 30 to 50 metres offshore the whole distance if you a straight line the farthest you'll be offshore (14 km course) is 1.5 km......farterest offshore in a straight line.... Raumati to Paekakariki is 300 metres.

All paddlers must paddle within their limits as they would do while they are training...there will be no motorised craft following the paddlers every craft has the ability to self rescue and you'll all be carrying your cellphones to call us if you've exited off the course early or have encountered any problems.

Lock this number into your cellphone now: 0274 581 will need to show us your cellphone in a waterproof case at registration.

If we find that the sea conditions are ratty on the way to the start we may choose to shift the course in some way shape or form.

We have to cover everyone's safety who ever turns up...all we ask is for everyone to be patient and trust our judgement that we are looking after everyone's best interests on the water.

Every paddler must read the event information which is here in the second to last post :

Safety is Paramount.

Call Chester 022 6455 820 or  04 976 1795 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Downwinder THREE weather updated Thursday 10.30 pm

At this stage the winds look like they'll be in the vicinity of NNW 25 kmh gusting to 45 kmh.

The latest as at Thursday 10.30 pm...... NNW 25 kmh gusting 35 kmh

On Wind Finder they are predicting a Southerly change on Sunday.

We'll sit back and watch this one closely....there could be a course and venue change's Christmas, some are working more than they are paddling so we won't be busting anyone's boiler if we can help it....there's Ham and Christmas Pudding to be fit 7 days time!

I'll update the weather tomorrow and again on Saturday morning at 9 am when I'll announce the final course and start/finish venue/s

Over and Out for now....

Friday, December 12, 2014

Downwinder THREE

Well it's the usual Christmas rush.....everyone wants something done by yesterday.

So in light of this and that fact many of you could be working more than you're paddling at the moment...Downwinder Three is going to be shortened slightly.

We are opting for a run from Pukerua Bay (Ocean Parade boat ramp) to Raumati South (Garden Road end of Raumati Rd) (14 km)...or in reverse depending on which way the wind is blowing.

With the wind at your backs it'll be a quick paddle.

Here are the rules:

9 am Start

PFD's, leg leashes,spraydecks, bailers, pumps, paddle float, spare paddle, flare or any equipment appropriate to your craft must be carried
Bright coloured clothing must be worn for visibility.....2 bright fluoro colours preferable PFD/top and hat
A Cellphone in a waterproof case must be carried
Event Safety number is 027 4581 005

There will be no motorised safety craft on the course.

The maximum distance off shore at the fartherest point is can also paddle this course 50 to 100 metres offshore by following the Coastline if you don't feel confident on your craft stability wise.

We will arrive at the start venue 1 1/2 hours before the start......paddlers turn up at that time an organise shuttles between yourselves if you don't have a driver....otherwise we'll take your gear to the finish and shuttles can be arranged after the spot prizes are dished out

The event is open to:

waka ama singles and doubles
adventure racing double and double sea kayaks
sea kayaks
stand up paddle boards
surf skis

entry is $10 person

enter on the day

The final course will be posted here 24 hours before the event start...we reserve the right to shift the course to Porirua or Wellington Harbours if the Coastal conditions are scrappy and don't allow us straight and positive downwind conditions

Entry money from the first two events has accumulated so we'll have a half descent spot prize pool and gear to give away.

Remember the Kapiti/Mana Downwinder is still scheduled from Jan 24/25 (Raumati to Mana 24km)

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