Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back in Wild Wellington

Drove off the Ferry at 5 pm and by 6.30pm we're racing around in circles doing the regularly weekly twilight kayaking gig in Evans Bay. It started off with a NW 35kmh gusting to 60kmh...but on the last of the 4 short laps and tucked into the relative sheltered confines of Greta Point...we had some monster gusts punching through at around 80 kmh. No dramas everyone on the water was paddling a kayak within their skill level which is what we like to see on these more challenging nights.

No surprises but their were no K1's there tonight any even fewer of the tippier skis and double kayaks in good numbers and plenty of nice stable JKK multisports kayaks.....good work people.

From the WOW files.....

On the way to work this morning I helped tie this yacht off.

It slipped it's moorings and a guy just happened to be driving past and saw it close to the seawall...he grabbed a strop from his van flicked it around the rigging and held on for his dear life.

The Owner and the Insurance Company are incredible lucky...this boat would have ended up like a pile of match sticks at the Northern end of the airport without his quick actions.

Photo of the yacht and how close it was to the seawall nib just at the waterline......the guys who called the authorities and rescuers van in the background.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Hard Labour Weekend"

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Labour Day in New Zealand was introduced to recognise workers rights and the introduction of the 40 hour week....and end to long hours and low wages or something like that.

We get Monday off.... which makes for a great 3 day weekend.

This is my third canal portage kayak event...the first two were the 32 km versions with three portages...this one is now a 20 km with two portages version....personally I think the latest is the better option. The forecast was for some bitchin winds today so the Organisers did what great Event Organisers do.... and made the call early....we had a 16 km version (which just meant we didn't loop Lake Ruataniwha)

20 Kayaks turned out from all round the place...and and of course that meant a great range of people and models of craft from singles through to doubles.

The Forecast actually played ball in the end and we had a slight head side breeze.....all of which was well shelter by the lake and edges of the canals.....and the final 1 km stretch was probably the most exposed but then we were spoilt as it was made up of a fairly light lake.... and boat wake swell.

Big thanks to the Event Organisers Steve and Mark and all the helpers of the Sporting Trust that run the three events in Twizel who support the school sports travel for the young one here.

Huge Thanks to Meridian.... for allowing us to paddle on their private Hydro Canals.

Thanks to Shaz for being my support crew and our photographer for the umpteenth time.....another bottle of Central Otago Pinot Noir is coming your way :-)

I won't gas on too much you can read an article that's heading into in the next day or so.

In the meantime here's a few can view some more on

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heading off overseas....

I'm sort of leaving the Country...or the land should I say....but will be back on land in 3 hours when I hit the South Island. Currently on the Interislander Ferry we're about to head into a punchy little Southerly it should be like a circus ride while out in Cook Strait...another one of life's adventures coming up. over the first

Flat out at work last week as is everyone....I did squeeze in a couple of paddles though which was great for the body and the soul. I had the pleasure of paddling with Dave Dellabarca out at Petone on Wednesday. He's a local out there and carves through
the swells around the Petone shoreline and the Hutt river in his multisport kayak with consumate ease. While many in the past have seen kayaks as the must have kayaking craft around our harbours people are slowing thinking about a surf ski as being a better option for the majority of our conditions in Wellington.

Digressing slightly Ferry trip was a breeze just a 2.5 metre choppy swell over the first half of the trip smooth sailing the 2nd half it once the swell angles improved, into the Marlborough sounds and smooth sailing through there. Stopped in Christchurch over night at Sis in laws place. At Twizel now weather fantastic in the McKenzie Basin...nice wee micro climate here. Total travel time to get here 3.25 hrs on the Ferry....4 hours Picton to Christchurch..... 3 hrs 15 min Christchurch to Twizel....kicking back with the demo craft registration at 4pm then briefing for tomorrows event which has a 7.30 am start!

Life's good.... enjoy your Labour weekend if you're in New Zealand....and your normal weekend where ever you are around the World.

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