Saturday, March 28, 2015

No posts on here...what's the story ???

Apologies this last 7 days have been so busy trying to squeeze so much in and the posts on here have suffered for it.....anyhow back on track now.

Monday a Porirua Grand Traverse meeting and the need to get out and promote the event to push entries along.

Tuesday Kupe Canoe Club ran the final twilight series event for the Summer and finished off with pizza and a BBQ 20 paddlers on the water could always do with more support there.

Wednesday working on surf ski ordering and communicating with Auckland and South Island paddlers and even managed to catch up on some work at home.....still more to do there.

Thursday "Paddling Connections" we had a quick paddle with some of the regulars and then Rueben and I did the "Better than TV" run kayak duathlon series...Rueben is a pro on the running front my legs did get a culture shock as I had't done any running since May last year.... but I survived it o.k.

Saturday (today) Kupe ran a downwind event from Petone to Hataitai Beach.......10.44 km........5 of us paddled to the that was a good loosener......quite flat with a 15 kmh Northerly but still a great paddle.
I did 55: 58 secs and the Flannery Bros in front on the double Fenn ski did a tick under 50 mins for the 10.44 km......something to improve on for next time....when the wind get up !

Tomorrow morning (Sunday) Welly Paddlers are running a time trial / recce on the "Porirua Grand Traverse" paddle starts at 8 am and it's being run on a 30 kmh - 45 kmh NNW

high tide 5 am.....low tide 12 noon

Thanks to my paddle supplier Corey Hogg from "Millenium Paddles" for the latest set of Pleaiades blades this time on an adjustable straight shaft.....anyone wanting to demo the paddle it's always with me as a spare set.

Sharlene was out paddling Stand Up with SUP.NZ at Petone this morning with Tracilee and Darryn she said the water was fantastic at 8 am at Petone.

Safety gear is a must for open ocean and Harbour paddles across the shipping lane.....must have's a Fluoro PFD (and you wear it !) leg leash, cellphone in waterproof pouch, hand held flare and buy yourself a VHF radio...well two of them......thanks to Fergs Kayaks.....the good thing about them is that they also float !

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Porirua Grand Traverse...and Paddle section time trial next weekend. a Multisport event that's having it's 10th Anniversary on Sunday April 12. Chester is on the board of Trustees now and is responsible for the "Water Management" of the event.

Though it has a 10 km paddle, 26  km mountain bike and 18 km mountain run......all the disciplines are now can do the paddle only.... or maybe add a run or mountain bike to that.

There is also a doubles option where two people complete all the sections together.......the paddle section is in a double kayak or go to the Facebook page

Pre PGT time trial.

Welly Paddlers are running a time trial over the
 10 km Paddle leg.

Sunday March 29 at 8 am.

Start/Finish: Whitireia Polytechnic Boat ramp

Entry Fee : It's Free !

Mass Start: Timing take your own time....we'll all be paddling (even Sharlene) Chester will be setting the stopwatch off his ski with a one minute countdown.....though there is an option of turning as you see the first paddlers head back on the homeward leg.....they can chase any "turn arounds" back to the finish.

High tide is at 5 am.....low tide is at 12 noon..... so it will be an it's a low tide on the day (April 12)

Of course it's open to : waka ama, kayaks, surf ski, Stand Up Paddlers and adventure racing doubles.

Surf ski hire : We are hiring surf skis for the event..... get hold of quick smart to get a surf ski.....they range from stable to tippy.... the skis for hire are in some of these photos below.

The skis are $150 for two, use of surf ski on the day of the PGT..... and a pre event fit up and paddle from 3 pm to 5 pm Saturday April 11. We transport the skis.

Note : The skis are usually $200 - $300 for International surf ski Events

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some more pics from "2015 Motorway Classic"

Here's a second string of photos....there is one more set to come that were taken by Deepthi Karunarathne we will have a link to view them in the next few days.......there are a heap of them from in front of the start.... which we are really looking forward to viewing.

NOTE : The Kupe Canoe Club Series event for tonight is cancelled......their last event for the Series will be next Tuesday March 24 with Pizza and beer.....we'll be there for sure !

Welly Paddlers will pick up the very last Tuesday before Day light savings ends because I have a feeling the weather Gods are going to put on a stunner that'll be called...."Just one more" 

Also Fergs Kayaks have a sale on.....must be stock taking time !

Adrenalin thermals are on special......and there's 20% off Sharkskin thermals as well........and discounts off most other things there more than likely.

Pop in and see John and Dave there.... and ask what they are up to and where the best deals are.

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