Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saturday... through to Tuesday

Here's a quick montage of photo from the Foxton Loop trip....Foxton is the home of the "De Molen Windmill" and the New Zealand Famous "Foxton Fizz"to paddling with Peter Melling who finally received his SWAZI Spot prize from event 3....catching up with Graham Finch on his Waka Ama this Morning at Freyberg Beach...then catching up with heather and the crew from Adveture Wellington who are training for a Cook Strait Crossing in the coming months...then paddled with Tom Bowen on the way back to the Kupe Canoe Club sheds in Evans Bay. All this inbetween weaving in and out of a bunch of Wellington Rowing Club oars people training on a nice glassy Harbour.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Foxton Loop Race 2014...done and dusted.

We had a great day at the Foxton Loop Race on Saturday...after a drizzly start the weather settled down a bit and we had a consistent little 30 kmh to 35 kmh North Westerly wind.

The Long course was extended out by 1 km due to the narrowing of the river with weed at the previous turn point...Rueben recorded 19.1 km on his phone and the short course Lei clocked 8.67 km on her phone.

Karl Timu on the waka ama noted that he was hitting 12 kmh on the way to the buoy turn at Foxton then he dropped to 8km an hour on the way back home heading out of the loop.

While the high tide was at  .....and the event starts at  ...the full tide takes just over an hour to work it's way up river to the Foxton Township.

Sharlene did her second kayak race and now looks forward the the Whareama river race in January (over in the Wairarapa).....which she has put on her "to do list"

A great effort from paddlers from Wellington travelling through to support this event. To check out who went up to Foxton...who trained and who didn't check out the results and photos on the links below.

Thank you to the Ruahine White Water Club for putting this great event on for us for another year.



Check back in the next few days when we may have Dave McKnights video to view.

Events coming up

Oct 2 "Paddling Comnections" every Thursday 4.30 pm and 6pm...2 paddling groups Hataitai Beach, Evans Bay....social paddling fitness paddling till daylight savings ends. www.wellypaddlers.blogspot.co.nz

Oct 12 Ruamahanga River Race 31km and 19km (Teams also) www.wmsc.org.nz

Oct 18 Downwinder ONE Plimmerton Boating Club to Whitreia 6.5km short & 9km long course...(reverse course for Southerly) www.wellypaddlers.blogspot.co.nz

Nov 8 Whanganui River Challenge 13 km and 4 km www.wmtc.co.nz

Friday, September 26, 2014

Paddling choices

Big weekend ahead.

Foxton Loop Race tomorrow and we have 18km and 8 km options on the itinerary for all sit down paddlers.....and the original 8 km course for SUP's

Waka Ama, sea kayaks, stand up paddle boarders multisport kayaks, adventure racing doubles and surf ski paddlers will be travelling from Wellington in droves...both from Clubs and also many who don't belong to clubs...but are still passionate about their paddling.

Of course it's great opportunity to catch up with paddling mates from Wairarapa, Horowhenua, Manawatu Wanganui and maybe even New Plymouth and Hawkes Bay. In previous years the event has had around 40 to 80 paddlers on the water....but you never know from one year to the next who's prepared to travel to this one....not that it's a biggy the start is only 1hr 15 mins from the North Wellington suburbs.

Further a field if you'd like to head 7 hours North to Auckland (after Foxton) on Sunday you'll catch the Auckland Downwind Series event three.... it's roughly a 15 km downwind event.
A great event to have a crack at and though Aucklander's would love us all to travel up there to their events all the time....the reality is that they are bloody useless at reciprocating....still I love to be proved wrong....come down here to a Welly Paddlers event some day...we have plenty of them so through away your excuse books :-)

You'll find around 100 paddlers at the Downwind events.... many on surf skis... but a good splattering of waka ama and stand up paddle boarders.

The Series is run by www.pacificoceanpaddlers.com ..... Garth Spencer and Rachael Dodwell are behind the downwind events.

POP Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/groups/kiwioceanpaddlers/?ref=br_tf

So fill your boots go ahead and enter one.....or even both.