Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Craft Selection and Tai Tonga 41 Marathon

A busy weekend just been....work and sneaking out for the odd quiet session on the water. I met another surf ski paddler out on the water at the weekend. He'd just bought a surf ski at a bargain price........where have a I heard that one before...."give me a dime...." as the saying goes.

In Wellington our weather can best be described as "adventurous" so when we get a surf ski, waka ama or SUP the equipment it has to be within our ability.
My favourite saying is "Working above your pay scale" this applies really well to our choices of craft, and our weather which is the main demon that we're not looking at carefully.

People often say I want a boat that will challenge me........if our weather doesn't offer this already!!

So getting back to our guy he bought a boat that is way above his pay scale and quite frankly the majority of people I come across do exactly the same.

When it gets really rough on the water, you have a tippy boat...........a person with a slightly more stable boat just comes up and passes you..........the same people in stable boats can do exactly the same on flat water as well.
Have a good think about it........if you disagree with my comments go and ask Nathan Faavae who is
a Professional athlete......message him on Facebook.

One last thing buy a craft that has a comfortable seat.........if you buy a surf ski for instance that you don't have to place a pad on the seat............and you can paddle it for 1.5 to 2 hours without getting a sore butt.............that's the measure of comfortable.

Don't muck around with any other skis that are uncomfortable..... go and try any Think Kayak surf ski first........then you'll know what the standard of what comfort is.

Sharlene is going ahead in leaps and bounds after choosing the very stable Think Big Eze at 14kg.......she's doing her apprenticeship on a stable ski...........and as you can see she is more than capable on my 10 kg race boat.

We headed up to Shelly Bay in some tricky little angled side swell....and she made it look easy.

This weekend is the annual Tai Tonga 41 Marathon it's based out of the Evans Bay Yacht and Motorboat Club there are 7 events from 9 am through to 1pm over two distances.
Marathon course is 12km - 15km
Short course is 8 km.
The event is open to all Waka Ama, Surf skis, open water kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards.
For all the info http://www.hoetonga.co.nz/

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Picture tells a thousand words.....

                        Coastline between Karehana and Pukerua Bays

                      Leon Rossbotham 1 kms offshore past Pukerua Bay

                      Neil Taylor, Leon Rossbotham and Jeff Booth

                    Highway between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki

                     Mike Tate with Kapiti Island in the background

                            Dave McKnight at Paekakariki
                            Neil Taylor at Paekakariki

                    Les Morris outside the NZX, Frank Kitts Lagoon, Wellington
                     Bruce Moller, Rose Bay Challenge 2014, Sydney Harbour
              Bruce Moller repping the Flow Kayaks Superstar & Welly Paddlers

Do you own or carry one of these?

Sydney photos: courtesy of Sydney City Renault's album from the 2014 Rose Bay Challenge view and like Sydney City Renault and Surfski Australia on Facebook for more images.

Setting off expired Flares

Room for 5 only persons aboard the 'Steve Mayree' leaving Queens Wharf (near the Dockside Restaurant) at 8.10pm on Wed. 23 rd April for a position in the inner Harbour to discharge around 100 close to date expired marine pyrotechnics. Another boat (the 'Madison') will be further east for trialing some new to the market electronic visual distress signals (eVDS's).  Those attending would need to bring and wear a PFD.

Contact Coastguard Safety Officer  Lew Robinson 04 3836267 (Hm)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Best images from the Downwind Recce

Welly Paddlers - Downwind Practice April 2014 from David McKnight on Vimeo.

Make sure you view the video in HD......click on the play arrow.....when it plays click HD right of screen..........then click "the play in HD box" ..........it'll then go to vimeo and you'll see it in amazing clarity.

Here's are a selection of the best images from yesterdays Recce Downwinder. Big thanks to Shaz Winiata for her photography and Dave McKnight for running his two Go Pro Hero3 cameras, providing his editing suite and also huge thanks to Incubus for the use of their music.....we'll see you again in Wellington for your next concert here.....and there's a free tour around the harbour on the surf skis when you get here!

The World Series Ocean Racing event "The Doctor" in Perth has now shifted (from mid January) to November 27 & 28 we'll be placing the "Welly Ocean Classic" on December 6 and 7 with the aim of enticing 2014 World Ocean Racing Champion Sean Rice from Think Kayak over to NZ to extend his racing or have a break.

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The video will follow late today or tomorrow.