Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ruamahanga River Race report and results

This article courtesy of Jane Cullen.

Once again we were fortunate to have a fine day for this event, which makes such a difference to it's smooth running. Nineteen paddlers and their support crews arrived at Morrison's Bush, ten boats includind one double readied themselves to start the 31 km course from here. At this time the river flow was showing 70.9 cumecs and rising http://graphs.gw.govt.nz/?siteName=Ruamahanga%20River%20at%20Waihenga%20Bridge&dataSource=Flow

Ruamahunga Kayak Race 2015
Once again we were fortunate to have a fine day for this event, which makes such a difference to its smooth running. Nineteen paddlers and their support crews arrived at Morrison’s Bush. Ten boats, including one double readied themselves to start the 31 km course from here. At this time the river flow as shown by the black arrow was at 70.9 cumecs and rising.

By the time the first kayakers reached the portage at the Waihenga Bridge after 12 km of paddling, the river flow had increased to 80.3 cumecs.
 Danial Bremner was first at this point in a time of 43.43 minutes, with Derek Cox o hot on his heels 4 seconds behind him. Blair Simpson, Les Morris, Dave Dellabarca, Tom Bowen & Glen Warner in the double all went through in under 45 minutes. Within 55 minutes all ten kayaks had gone through and carried on under the Waihenga Bridge for the next 19 km stretch.
Just prior to their arrival, eight kayakers had set off on the short course. The first corner just after the bridge can be a bit tricky for less confident paddlers, but as the flow was increasing the rapid was washed out.
From here on the kayakers reported there was a slight head wind, but the river flow was also continuing to increase. By the time all the paddlers had arrived at Pukio East the flow was continuing to rise, visible to see as the finish cone was steadily going under water. At 1:30 pm as the last paddler finished the river level was at 101.8 cumecs (orange arrow), peaking at 4pm at 117 cumecs.
Brian Grace a regular competitor was the first kayaker to complete the short course race in a time of 1:21:25, taking out the Vet Men’s section. A close second was Jimmie Fourie followed by Mark Hearfield and local and regular competitor, Brian Sanders.
First Vet Woman was Mary McBride in a time of 1:28:25, with Sharon Henderson in second place in a time of 1:28:31.

In the Long Course the Open Men’s grade was won by Blair Simpson in a time of 2:01:54, followed by Danial Bremner 2:02:13. The Vet Men’s grade was won by local Derek Cox in a time of 2:02:25, closely followed by Dave Dellabarca in 2:02:33. Third place was taken out by local Les Morris in a time of 2:07:16. Les receives a special mention as he has completed all 22 of the Rumahunga Kayak races, through course and organiser changes. Well done Les. Your support is much appreciated. Liz Bunckenburg the sole women competitor in the Long Course, completed the 31 km in 2:16:15, while the double kayak completed in 2:06:58.
The prize giving and lunch was again able to be carried out in warm, sunny conditions just above the river. 

Also thanks to Greg & Steve for their help with the event during the day and both farm owners at Morrison’s Bush & Pukio East for allowing us to access their land.
By the time we left for home the gravel beach finish area had been fully submerged. Another successful Ruamahunga Kayak Race completed for another year. Thanks again to all the competitors.

Results from the Ruamahanga River Race 30 / 8 / 15
Bair Simpson Long Course 31km Open Men 0:44:13 2:01:54 1 
Danial Bremner Long Course 31km Open Men 0:43:43 2:02:13 2 2
Matt Penny Long Course 31km Open Men 0:48:20 2:17:16 8 3
Lizzy Bunckenburg Long Course 31km Open Women 0:48:32 2:16:15 7 1
Derek Cox Long Course 31km Vet Men 0:43:47 2:02:25 3 1
Dave Dellabarca Long Course 31km Vet Men 0:44:31 2:02:33 4 2
Les Morris Long Course 31km Vet Men 0:44:30 2:07:16 6 3
Vincent Brannigan Long Course 31km Vet Men 0:54:22 2:37:15 9
Tom Bowen/Glen Warner Long Course 31km Vet Men Double 0:44:41 2:06:58 5 1
Brian Grace Short Course 19km Vet Men 1:21:25 1 1
Jimmie Fourie Short Course 19km Vet Men 1:21:59 2 2
Mark Hearfield Short Course 19km Vet Men 1:24:11 3 3
Brian Sanders Short Course 19km Vet Men 1:24:18 4 4
Tony Gibbs Short Course 19km Vet Men 1:30:47 7 5
Mary McBride Short Course 19km Vet Women 1:28:25 5 1
Sharon Henderson Short Course 19km Vet Women 1:28:31 6 2
Rebecca Van Der Vegt Short Course 19km Vet Women 1:39:54

Our thanks to the Sponsors

Masterton Licensing Trust, 
Tumu Masterton, 
Carters Masterton
Pukemanu Tavern of Matinborough. 

For more information on the Wairarapa Multsiport Club and their events go to www.wmsc.org.nz

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paddling in the Wairarapa this weekend

There's plenty on offer this weekend in the Wairarapa.

Paddy Rimene and the Wairarapa Waka ama Club are hosting the final event of their winter Series on Henley Lake in Masterton on Sunday

The winter series is open to waka ama, kayaks and SUP's with a 10 km and 5 km course on offer.

Read the flyer below for more details

Also on Sunday the Wairarapa Multisports Club are running their annual Ruamahanga River race. The event has a 31 km long course and also a 19 km short course option or you can split the event and take it on as a team....12 km and then 19 km.

Entries close today... but you can still enter by paying the $5 extra late entry fee.

Looking at the water gauge we could be in for 35 - 40 cumecs on the day or if the rain falls nicely on Saturday it could be up again....you can follow the levels by following this link http://graphs.gw.govt.nz/?siteName=Ruamahanga%20River%20at%20Waihenga%20Bridge&dataSource=Flow

For more info on the event www.wmsc.org.nz 

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Times from Petone

The biggest turnout to date this Season for the Cold Kiwi Series with 64 paddlers out on the water.

The Long course started from the Giant Oars and headed east along the foreshore, then turned a sharp left up the Hutt River where all paddlers safely navigated there way around anyone of the Seaview bridge piles, as well as keeping an eagle eye on fishing lines coming off the bridge. Once around the bridge paddlers would definitely have noticed the extra depth of the water as they headed back out of the river then heading along the Petone Esplanade again into the shallow water again past the start finish point....but wait there's more....one more parade of craft down to the Petone Wharf to complete the final 2 kms and back to the finish.

The Short course was a lap to the Seaview Bridge and back to the finish (minus the Petone Wharf leg)

The event was held close to high tide the start was at 10 am in the end with the High tide at 11.11 am. Conditions were coolish at 12 degrees but still with the sun out and after 5 to 10 minutes paddling I'm sure everyone warmed up nicely. Wind strength today was a mixed bag as it went from moderate to gusty and back a few times with various parts of the course more challenging than others depending on the craft you were paddling, and special mention to Karl and Rob on Stand up paddle boards who had their fair share of breeze on a few sections being higher off the water than the sit down craft.

Thanks to Kate Booth and James Sadler for helping Sharlene out today and the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club Parents for their support keeping track of all their Club paddlers as they all finished.

Most importantly thank you to all the paddlers and craft transportion people for getting craft and people to the event, it's team effort and we appreciate everyone who plays their part, both on and off the water

Spot prizes today.

Lawrence Hynes - Adrenalin pants
Les Morris - Adrenalin pants
Grace Kingi - Adrenalin top

Please support Fergs Kayaks they are our local retailer and they support us well.

For photos go to the Welly Paddlers Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/WellyPaddlers?ref=hl

The next and last "Cold Kiwi Series" Event for the Season will be September 13 and will be at Dolly Vardon Park, Mana. 
Next Sunday we're all spoilt for choice with Wairarapa Multisport Clubs Ruamahanga River Race and Wairarapa Waka Ama Clubs final winter series event on Henley Lake

Long course 7 km

35:48 Chester Burt SS
35:51 David Long SS
35:52 Danial Bremner SS
35:55 Kyle Christensen SS
36:04 Blair Simpson MK
36:43 Derek Cox MK
36:56 Les Morris MK
37:09 Dave Dellabarca MK
39:47 Hokoikoi Te Puni mixed W6
38:05 Dave McKnight SS
38:31 Tom Oolders SS
41:20 Otaki J 16 boys W6
41:28 Jeff Booth SS
39:45 Lawrence Hynes W1
40:19 Barton FletcherSS
40:35 Rueben Hill SS
40:52 Alaynah Bettany
41:05 John Toomath SS
41:30 Kate Nota SS
42:25 Otaki J 16 girls W6
42:44 Otaki 5 up W6
43:24 Moutere womens W6
42:29 Luther Maxwell SS
42:41 Liam Simes SS
42:48 Piki Emery W1
43:25 Sandy Winterton SK
45:28 Tony Gibbs MK
45:32 Pete Notman MK
45:56 Megan Cox SS
45:58 Ella Kingi SS
46:16 Grace Kingi SS
46:26 Sharon Henderson SS
46:59 Alex Edmonds SS
46:59 Trevor MacDonald SK
47:29 Jamie Simes SS
50:15 Liam Chesney SS
54:11 Karl LeQuesne SUP
56:24 Louba Coates SS
35:15 Tyler Maxwell SS (missed Hutt River section - rudder issues)

Short course 5 km

42:13 Rob Futter SUP

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