Monday, July 27, 2015

Cold Kiwi Series Event FOUR this Sunday

The Cold Kiwi Series comes into Wellington City for the first time this Season.

We've given the Porirua City Area an extra event to recognise the great turn achieve this we had to drop one of the Wellington City Events.

So for all the Wellington City based paddlers here's a big chance to show our strength in numbers and we'll attempt to match the 30 to 50 paddler turnout's we've been getting in Porirua and also Hutt City.

6 days to go and so far we're looking like a 60 kmh - 80 kmh Northerly.....but this forecast is likely to progress back to a moderate Northerly pattern.......we also have a low tide for 11.35 am on the day with plenty of deep water to paddle in.
 We will base the event at Hataitai Beach if it stays Northerly or alternately at the Marina at the bottom of Cobham Drive if it's a Southerly.

We'll know more closer to the date and what ever the wind strength on the day we'll put some thought into the best course / buoy placements so everyone has a good paddle that day.

Also there are plenty of people who travel a distance to get to these events.....some 1.5 to 2 hours away.....and we really appreciate your commitment supporting any of the Cold Kiwi Series Events a great example is being set by you people

Support these Events and make and effort to travel 30 minutes across the City to get to them.....the camaraderie amongst the paddlers will make the trip worth while.

Next update on Wednesday.... with a final update at 9.45 am Saturday morning.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 weeks of events to keep us busy

We're not too precious about the cold weather.... and the best way to see winter by is to wrap up with an extra layer or two and get out on the water for a can still a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

If you're paddling is limited to 1 to 3 sessions a week, that's ample, because add one or two of the events below and this will keep your body in pretty well tuned in and ready to hit the ground running for the warmer weather ahead.

Jul 25 CRNZ 10 km series Mana Kayak Racing Club
Aug 2 Cold Kiwi Series Event TWO - Evans Bay
Aug 8 CRNZ 10km Series Whanganui Kayak Club
Aug 9 Lake Henley Winter Series
Aug 15 CRNZ 10km Series Waitara Kayak Club
Aug 22 Ruamahanga River Winter Kayak series
Aug 23 Cold Kiwi Series Event FIVE

Below are a few more pictures from Cold Kiwi Series Event THREE.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mana CRNZ event cancelled

The Mana Kayak Racing Clubs 10 km series event is cancelled tomorrow due to the strong gusty southerly forecast.....wise decision. MKRC will reschedule this event some time over the coming month or I'll place it on our Event Calendar as soon as I see it pop up.

Today I had intended to pop over and paddle in one of Brian Sanders Ruamahanga River winter series events. The river gauge looked very promising on Thursday and I was outside setting up river rudders set up on both my surf skis. The river gauge at Gladstone quickly dropped back to 10 cumecs which leaves the river a bit boney in places, so in the end I postponed this trip.

The next event on Brian's schedule is August 22 the day before Cold Kiwi Series Event will be touch in go to get all the gear dry for the next day so will likely attend the 28 km Wairarapa Multisport Club Ruamahanga River Race on August 30.....and I might hit the river for a mid week recce before that event.

Aug 9 th Sharlene and I will be heading over to enter of Paddy Rimene's Henley Lake Winter Series events...if all works out that weekend we may well get to the Whanganui Kayak Club's CRNZ 10 km Event on the Whanganui River the day before.

Always plenty of paddling to pass the winter by.