Thursday, February 26, 2015

SUP demo cancelled......"Paddling Connections" continues

The SUP demo tonight from Fergs Kayaks has been cancelled....but on the flip side the regular Welly Paddlers "Paddling Connections" continues from Hataitai Beach from 5.30 pm.

Over the next few weeks this page is going to be all about the 25th Anniversary of  "The Motorway Classic" celebrating past efforts... in the form of photos......from previous Motorway Classic events from waka ama, kayakers and stand up paddlers.

We also have Sean Rice over from South Africa so we want to market his clinics well and engage paddlers in what he is all about as a World Champion Ocean surf ski paddler and a great ambassador for his sport.

Of course the Motorway Classic is about all Paddlers and craft the event shows no bias to the Racing or recreational truly is "An Event for Everyone" and it';s main purpose is to grow everyone's paddling communities and encourage the best possible in actions between the various Sports and engage the Community in what all paddlers are about.

This event is not about Welly's about you as people and as paddlers, and we will only have truly great events in Wellington...... when we have everyone's support......and this means a large visual presence on the water

Monday, February 23, 2015

Stand up demos.......and Sean Rice Coaching Clinics

This Thursday "Hawaiian John Scanlon" from Fergs Kayaks is coming down to Hataitai Beach to run some stand up demos from 3 pm to 7 pm.

We'll be down there also as it's "Paddling Connections" night and you should see a whole pile of stand up paddlers on the water amongst our regular kayakers as well.

It's nice and sheltered close to the shoreline at Hataitai Beach in the Northerly....but if  a windier southerly comes through we will head down to the Marina off Cobham Drive....both venues are accessed from Evans Bay Parade.

John will have plenty of boards there from "Art in Surf", "SIC" and maybe some Naish boards also there will also be some inflatables, paddles and maybe some accessories.

Pop down and try a SUP board out......don't knock it till you've tried it.

SEAN RICE is coming....

Coaching Clinics on the Sunday March 15 straight after "The Motorway Classic" and "one on one's" from the ICF World Champion.....just e-mail Sean about what will work for your needs.

Sean has come all the way from Capetown, South Africa book a session by inquiring at

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday Summer Paddling

We caught up with Traci again on Saturday morning and also finally met Darryn. Traci & Darryn have set up SUP NZ and based in Petone and there aim is to introduce more people onto stand up paddling around the Wellington region.

It's pretty hard to be unbiased when it comes to any equipment especially when you run a retail operation and then the obvious thing is to sell you one of the boards you stock. I guess with these two they are not a retail so their has to be more neutrality.......they simply get people paddling stand up boards. Traci and Darryn both did their instructors courses in the United States and that's something schools ask nowadays as they want to know the standard you've been trained to....Safety First !

Here's there Facebook page they also have a website which is SUP.NZ I's down currently so I can't copy the goggle link.

Here 's some pictures from yesterday we we started opposite the Giant Oars.

While Sharlene paddled stand up I obviously hitched a ride and did some downwind across the Harbour to try and prep myself for the King & Queen of the Harbour in Auckland on March 7/8, an event that Dave McKnight are paddling ski and Hans Wannemacher is paddling's a 24 km International Downwind find out more

Anyhow my session yesterday lasted 1 hr 40 mins I obviously took some photos from the Giant Oars to the Petone Wharf of the stand up activity....but from there I paddling up to the start venue for "The Motorway Classic" opposite Honiara Te Puni Reserve then checked out the wind angle which was very NW, so I decided that another 500 metres up to Horokiwi Road would give me a good track down the Harbour.

I pretty much sliced halfway between Matiu Island and Point Halswell then zoned in on  Scorching Bay Beach to get some nice swells down the Seatoun Beaches to the Seatoun Wharf.....a lazy 55 minutes across the I headed back upwind to Scorching Bay again with one last downwind rip to Worser Bay.

The next bit is a trick from the old the wheel on the front than portage the ski back home over Ava Road...which takes about 12 to 15 mins running and walking. Short cut up the steep walkway to the Summit of Awa Road through the trees here you look across to Eastbourne and Petone.

Made it home...quick pic of my event number for the next few years.....I use to love basketball at High School....NBA player Larry Bird (33) Boston Celtics was one of the stars back in the day.

One last thing we have a black TYR lycra long sleev top that was left in our van at the Matiu Island/Sladden Park event....please claim by giving Sharlene a call on 027 4581 005

Chester's old school mapping system:

Centre right of the picture green pin = start point opposite Cuba the left green and red pins denotes Horokiwi Road...then red pins downwind to Seatoun pins upwind to Scorching Bay then back exiting at Worser Bay....Black pin is home.

click on any photo to enlarge